An insight-led approach to unleash people’s full potential

Leadership Coaching

Olivia helps executives and managers to cultivate insight and emotional intelligence to define goals, shape organisational culture, and build a high performing community. She helps leaders identify values, behaviour patterns, and work styles to fine-tune their control and expression of these traits to enhance their effectiveness. 

Team Facilitation

At times, a group of managers or executives must undertake a vital, complex meeting that can be rendered more efficient through the support of a facilitator. Olivia assists such meetings by leading the group process with an objective mindset. She enhances the way people communicate, listen, examine and solve problems, come to agreed objectives, develop accountability, and make decisions.

Team Coaching

Teams can benefit from an external facilitator to reset methods of engagement or to deal with challenging dynamics.  Olivia helps teams develop insight, collective values, and emotional intelligence to work productively towards a common purpose. The coach and client co-create a flexible learning process to solve problems as a team. They identify how to build trust, deal with conflict, reinforce commitment, and implement accountability to enhance performance. The process respects team members for their individual expertise and instills serenity on how goals are achieved and measured.

HR & Talent Management Consulting

Olivia offers the insight and tested experience of  a senior HR professional. She has designed and implemented processes that enabled an entrepreneurial business to scale into a highly structured multinational with values and competencies that promote business strategy and culture. She has honed methods for selecting the right people for the right roles, ensuring that headcount planning supports business goals all the way up the value chain. She has driven the performance review process, succession planning, the management of special situations, and the assignment of bonuses. She has consolidated experience working with multicultural and virtual teams.

Building Trust

We seek stability. We want trustworthy people. People who demonstrate integrity and competence. Trust colors and underpins the quality of every decision, effort, and transaction we make – and our assessment of those with or for whom we undertake them. Olivia enables leaders to discover the nature and components of trust. She empowers them to understand the critical role of trust in their decision making. She helps them identify and tailor behaviors to build and consolidate trust in their organizations and with their key stakeholder relationships.


We are confident that the answers lie within you. We help you uncover insights to excel and inspire others.

We excel in partnering with corporations and family businesses to help them cultivate successful leaders to maximize performance, growth, and longevity. Olivia Mathijsen combines powerful coaching practices with her rare firsthand knowledge and proven competence. She has experienced from the inside what issues arise for technically skilled managers working in high pressure, complex business contexts. She recognizes that each person is unique, and employs candor and compassion working with their individual gifts and impediments. Over the course of her long career, she has lived through organizations in many phases: steep growth, cost-cutting, reorganization, and acquisition. She has experienced and observed the impact of these changes on motivation, team dynamics, loyalty, and productivity.


Leadership Coaching with a Systemic Approach, Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Feedback, Co-development – Peer Learning.

Leadership Coaching with a Systemic Approach

A systemic coach knows that issues do not crop up in isolation. Olivia helps leaders to develop themselves taking into account the pivotal people and relations that impact their performance with respect to the system around them. By becoming aware of the dynamic patterns that shape their lives and organisations, the coach helps the client to address root causes, explore new ways to manage these patterns, and to build enduring performance.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Feedback

There is no leader without followers. Emotional and behavioural self-awareness is crucial for self-mastery and reading others. Leaders must listen to themselves, but they must also understand others to make better decisions and meet them where they are. Emotions are data, too. Olivia is a qualified coach with seasoned experience in using the powerful assessment tool, the EQ-i 2.0®, to connect professionals with their emotional intelligence. With enhanced emotional intelligence, leaders can consciously learn to empower and inspire in order to be followed. 

“Codéveloppement” – Peer Learning

Peers learn and grow from each other. Codéveloppement (a French term) is a method developed by two Canadians, Adrien Payette and Claude Champagne, that accelerates the process of co-learning through a limited series of focused workshops of small groups (4-8), composed of professionals of equal seniority. Sessions follow a seven-step structure in which each participant has the opportunity to share a specific operational, relational, or leadership question. The others offer their assistance and experience, pooling their collective knowledge and enabling all members to grow beyond it. Learning occurs on many levels, while the group establishes a shared history that leads to deeper exchanges and support. The process builds trust, connection, and watershed insight. 

Workshops for Conscious Problem Solving

Leaders need the means to reflect, explore, experiment, and road test specific areas of their impact on organizations. Olivia engages small groups in constructive, real-play workshops to augment clarity, preparedness, and performance in making decisions and taking action. In contrast to role-play, real-play is not hypothetical. It is a practical method using real challenges for enhancing interpersonal implementation and real outcomes.